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YOOBTAPE is the world's only bust tape that comes in both single and double sided organic adhesive so it is gentle and soft to sensitive skin. It is something you can wear underneath clothing and swimwear to give you the instant bust support you need and feel confident there wont be any wardrobe malfunctions.


How do I use YOOBTAPE?

YOOBTAPE can be used in multiple ways depending on your outfit and how you wish for your breasts to sit. On our boxes and instruction cards, there are suggestions how you can use and place your breasts. 

What are the measurements of YOOBTAPE?

YOOBTAPE are all 5m (16.5ft) in length with 3 widths to suit your bust size:

  • 5cm (2") - recommended for A-B cups
  • 7.5cm (3") - recommended for C-D cups
  • 10cm (4") - recommended for all larger cup sizes


What are the key differences between YOOBTAPE and all other bust tapes? 


 Body adhesive ingredients are organic so it won't tear or hurt your skin (including those with sensitive skin)

  • PDMS: anti-foaming agent, skin protectant and conditioner silicon based organic polymer which is why its so soft compared to other bust tapes
  • We use unsaturated organic esters that make it smooth and gentle on your body
  • See our evidence below how our body adhesive is genuinely different to other brands - our adhesive is smooth hence why its so soft and gentle, whilst others are all waves which is why it rips off your skin
Certified safety as non hazardous across international GHS (Global Harmonised System - Classifications and Labelling of Chemicals) standards
  • Other brands masquerade kinesiology tape as bust tape which we do not as ours have gone through extensive research and development to create bust support for you that is truly soft and gentle for your body 
  • Our packaging is made from 100% recycled pulp and is biodegradable
  • Our white backing strips are made from biodegradable wax paper 


Do you offer worldwide shipping?

Yes, we ship our products worldwide.

For more information about shipping please refer here:


What about nipple covers?

All YOOBTAPE bust tape include a FREE set of re-usable organic silicone nipple covers. Recommendation is to always place the nipple covers on first before you start taping. They can be gently washed with water for future use.


Do I need to prep my skin before use?

No preparation is required, though we recommend a dry, non oily skin surface before you apply YOOBTAPE.


Social Influencers and Bloggers 

We welcome all influencers and bloggers who wishes to try YOOBTAPE for their social media and provided feedback. Happy to send you samples FREE of charge, however, we pride ourselves on integrity of the premium quality of our materials and ingredients. This sets us worlds apart from other brands, therefore we do not pay for any ads or marketing, and that is because we want those who wish to genuinely promote our products to be real, authentic and honest, not just being "paid" to say what we want our customers to hear. 


How do I become a re-seller or stockist?

YOOBTAPE currently have an international network of stockists by way of storefronts, however we also have women who absolutely love and believe in our products they have joined our journey becoming YOOBTAPE's representative as a re-seller making amazing passive income. 

For more information how to become a re-seller or stockist, please email 


Stockist Fact Sheet

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