About the Us

About the Founder 

YOOBTAPE's founder Yen is a former refugee from a war torn country. Her life has been anything but easy. Her family escaped the Vietnam War when she was a baby, and found refuge in Australia.

Nothing has ever been "handed" to Yen. Her parents till this day live very humbly renting government homes. 

Yen has a downsyndrome brother she has committed her entire life looking after as his legal guardian. Everything she does is for and dedicated to him, to make sure he never goes without or experiences the hardship she did growing up. She advocates and raises awareness for those with special needs, in particular, thanking their kind hearted carers by sponsoring events or donates to charities with YOOBTAPE profits. 

With such life experiences, it has taught Yen to work hard, be kind to others, never judge, and and make sure you always be your true genuine self. These fundamental rules in life has allowed Yen to learn, love and embrace all walks of life, be inclusive, empathetic and for every small win, make sure we pay it forward with grace and appreciation. 

Full time corporate and part time entrepreneur, Yen is passionate on building the brand and product while genuinely supporting, inspiring and empowering women all over the world. 


YOOBTAPE was founded just before COVID devastated our world and we are so blessed to see the brand and product grow organically by word of mouth without any paid ads or PR services. 

It was created out of necessity, unable to wear any outfits that required a bra, and couldn't rid those straps - not to mention sensitive skin, this is a key differentiator of our product to others. 

Our ethos is dedicated to ensuring the quality and integrity of our product is gentle, safe and loved by all who uses it. We will never masquerade it being something it's not, or use harmful artificial acrylic ingredients like other bust tapes on the market.

YOOBTAPE is the world's PREMIUM bust tape choice used by Hollywood Celebrity Stylists, Actresses and Models on the Red Carpet and VIP backstage.

We hope to continue with your support joining us on this sustainable and organic journey, whilst helping those with special needs and their carers with our profits.